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Private virtual lessons taught by our staff of professional musicians are tailored to your path through music.

Instruments We Teach:

acoustic guitar • electric guitar • ukulele
piano • voice • drums • oud
violin • cello • mandolin
cajon • tabla • frame drums
woodwinds • xylophone

Enjoy the ultimate convenience of virtual online lessons.

We utilize methodology which is unique to our company. We teach through composition and creative writing which leads to greater confidence and musical growth. Our teachers are the highest level touring and compositional musicians.

Your NYC Music Foundry teacher will create unique custom compositions specifically tailored to meet your musical needs and aspirations.

This is NOT a music instrument lesson that leads you nowhere!

Forge your musical path!

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Virtual lessons:
$30 per lesson

Community connection through education. Interpersonal growth through musical growth.

NYC Music Foundry offers intuitive, wholesome, and innovative music education. We teach through composition and positive psychology. We foster integrity and encourage experiences of true expression that make practice and performing a joy. Students eagerly await our lessons and activities.

Connecting high-level, experienced professional musicians with students of all ages, backgrounds and interests to organically share the knowledge, experience and beauty of music through the path of technique, composition, reading and improvisation.

(201) 344-0362 | info@nycmusicfoundry.com