-Owner and Founder of Rockasorri & Yogasorri
-Music Director at The Waldo School & The French American Academy Jersey
-Has created unique music programs seeped with Montessori principles and
music composition for all age levels
-Has conducted seminars for various teacher trainings in early childhood
centers including the Center for Montessori Training and Education
-He is in the process of releasing the Elemental Learning System for grades K
thru 12.
-Michael is a published singer/songwriter and composer
-Multiple records
-Commercial placements
-Has participated in Master classes with some of the greatest living guitarists
and composers in the world
-Regularly plays live music for yoga classes and healing sound bath workshops
-Has provided music for service at the Columbia Children’s Hospital and many assisted living facilities
-Has put on a number of live Children’s Music concerts in Jersey City bringing
music into the community.
Aligned intentions
-Music consulting.
-Material fabrication (currently has a number of great ideas for music inspired
Montessori materials with prototypes).
-Refine current music videos & create new video content in Spanish and
mandarin for releasing at all Montessori conventions as a partnership.